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Evolving Internet Landscape of Bangladesh

M. Abrar Uddin Ahmed / October 8, 2020

Understanding Consumer Behavior in such dynamic times can be daunting. With increasing internet accessibility and usage, online presence for brands is becoming a prerequisite. Magpie Analytics is here to equip you with the tools needed to navigate in the ever evolving landscape of Bangladesh.

Understand the Remittance Dynamics of Bangladesh


Maksudul Chowdhury / June 25, 2020

Inward Remittance or simply Remittance has been one of the key drivers of Bangladesh’s economy. It is the second largest foreign exchange earner for Bangladesh after export, and is the decisive factor to keep country’s current account balance in positive mark. In 2019, Bangladesh received USD 18.33 billion as remittances, highest ever in history. This has put Bangladesh as the 3rd largest remittance recipient country in South Asia and 10th largest in the world, according to World Bank. A large chunk of this remittance goes to the rural areas of Bangladesh, mainly used for private consumption. Thus remittance benefits the country not only at macro level but also at micro level by improving quality of lives, reducing unemployment, creating demand for products and services for various industries, knowledge transfer etc. The multiplicative impacts of remittance have pushed Magpie Analytics to prepare an interactive dashboard on remittance. Whether you are a policymaker, an economist, an analyst, an industry specialist or just an enthusiastic learner – this dashboard presents the data to cater the needs of all. Once you are in the dashboard, the snapshot gives the overview of key variables related to

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Distribution Analytics

For organizations with large distribution channel will be able to find new pockets of demand, and will get insights on how to match demand demand with production.
Supply Chain Metric Dashboard

Supply Chain Analytics

From order approval to shipment of products, every step of the process needs monitoring, and our dashboards enables you to that.
HR Summary Dashboard

HR Analytics

From our HR analytics, HR leaders to can derive data-driven insights to make informed talent decisions, improve workforce processes and promote positive employee experience.
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Finance Analytics

Magpie Finance Analytics displays key financial metrics interactively. CFOs can monitor overall performance as well as perform granular level inspection by connecting the database of their organization.
Risk Management Report

Risk Analytics

Magpie Risk Analytics displays key risk factors visually on a real time basis, enabling financial institution to monitor each and every instrument and the overall market.
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Sales Analytics

Magpie Sales Analytics, a reporting solution that helps making informed decision and being abreast of your organization’s marketing and sales activities by visualizing real time KPI and organization specific key…