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Distribution Analytics

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For organizations with large distribution channel will be able to find new pockets of demand, and will get insights on how to match demand demand with production.

Supply Chain Analytics

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From order approval to shipment of products, every step of the process needs monitoring, and our dashboards enables you to that.

HR Analytics

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From our HR analytics, HR leaders to can derive data-driven insights to make informed talent decisions, improve workforce processes and promote positive employee experience.

Finance Analytics

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Magpie Finance Analytics displays key financial metrics interactively. CFOs can monitor overall performance as well as perform granular level inspection by connecting the database of their organization.

Risk Analytics

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Magpie Risk Analytics displays key risk factors visually on a real time basis, enabling financial institution to monitor each and every instrument and the overall market.

Sales Analytics

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Magpie Sales Analytics, a reporting solution that helps making informed decision and being abreast of your organization’s marketing and sales activities by visualizing real time KPI and organization specific key metrics.